How Do I Become A Vendor?

Step 1. Click on this link to Register
Step 2. Fill the Form with your details.
Step 3. Check your Email for the Verification Email.
Step 4. Await Approval from the Admin to Enable you Start Selling


Is Registration on SME MULTINATIONAL Free?

For Now Registration is free. Vendors will be notified whenever this Changes. On each Vendor’s Dashboard, there is a section for Announcement, Notification will be seen there and also sent out via email.


How do I get my money when I sell on SME Mutinational?

When your product is bought, we firstly allow the return policy of 7 days to be reached before the vendor can request for payment.


How do I Post New Product ?

Step 1: From Your Vendor Dashboard Click On Product
Step 2: Click On Add Product
Step 3: Fill The Information And Click on Create Product (not Create & Add)
Step 4: Fill More Information as needed
Step 5: Make a good picture of your product (Sharp & Clear Picture on a Neat and clean Background)
Step 6: Upload the Picture
Step 7: Fix a price on your Product
Step 8: Wait for your Product to be reviewed
Step 9: Your Product is now live for Customers to buy

Variable Product

How do I Post Variable Product
Step 1: After Creating The Product
Step 2: Click on Product Type to Select From The Dropdown List
Step 3: Go Down to Attribute and Variation and select the Attribute then Click Add Attribute or you can create your own Attribute
Step 4: Select The Values for The Attribute And Click on Used For Variation
Step 5: Click on Add Variation and click GO
Step 6: Click on the Number showing the Variable Name
Step 7: Fill the Field.